Welcome to the online home of In Slate, the premier supplier of local Welsh slate gifts in the Conwy Valley.

Where to purchase our slate

We have recently launched our very own eCommerce site right here. We have been unable to find an alternative platform that will work in the way we want it to so we’ve decided to look a little closer to home and build our own site. From time to time we may feature carefully selected, handmade items from other local producers but you can be assured that these will only be locally produced and from other small businesses like ourselves. We don’t want our carefully made products getting lost in a sea of mass-produced, imported, or re-sold items; our focus really is on quality. We are constantly adding new lines to the shop, but if there is an item you want, please do drop us a message and we can get it listed/made for you. Our shop can be found here, In Slate – Products

We also have a significant range of stock in The Crafty Kitten in Llanrwst, so if you are visiting the area, do call by and take a look.

How to contact us

Because we are often busy making items (and also our workshop has no mobile phone signal) the easiest way to contact us if you want a one-off item made is via our Facebook page or on Twitter. Alternatively, if you could check with our stockist, The Crafty Kitten in Ancaster Square, Llanrwst who carry a large selection of our range.


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